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AdvaTel release SIP InTouch, Unified Communications for SMBs

InTouch for past three years has been a popular Unified Communications product especially designed for the different UC needs of SMBs.

AdvaTel now announce the release of a SIP variant of InTouch for the SIP PBX and hosted PBX market.

SMBs make many more external calls than internal calls, whereas enterprise users make many more internal calls. Why the difference? SMB and enterprise users both need to organize travel, brochure design, HR, legals etc. However, these are all external calls for an SMB but internal calls for an enterprise user. Because SMBs have around 70% to 80% of their calls external, a UC system that only shows internal extensions’ presence will not be effective for the majority of the time.

SIP InTouch with just one click, allows the user to move from Voice, SMS, e-mail, schedule a call back, and set a “pounce” (to be notified when a required contact comes back on line).

Michael Terry, Managing Director of AdvaTel – “SIP InTouch is especially well suited to the SMB/Cloud market segment as it does not require a server or any additional IT infrastructure yet it provides presence to all of your internal and external contacts. Being a true Outlook plug-in, it is always there when you need it and you do not have to go to separate applications to use all of its communications features.

AdvaTel look forward to working more closely with their existing clients as they move to a SIP environment as well as assisting new SIP based clients meet their SMB clients’ needs for Unified Communications.”

Established more than 20 years ago, AdvaTel, an Australian software company, is a market leader in developing innovative software solutions. It provides unified communications, telephony and contact center solutions, distributed via channel partners throughout the world. AdvaTel solutions help small and mid-size businesses as well as enterprise businesses to enhance productivity and improve efficiencies. AdvaTel based in Melbourne, Australia has a branch office in Rostov-on-Don in Russia.

To view our 2-minute video, please click on this link: http://www.advatel.com.au/content/view/232/230/

For sales, or any additional information, please contact us at sales@advatel.com.au

AdvaTel Solution Now Available through Avaya DevConnect Select Product Program

•Innovative SME Unified Communications solution for Avaya IP Office can be ordered directly from Avaya and its distributors.

•Enables easier access to Avaya-compatible technology that extends the value of a company’s Unified Communications network.

For Immediate Release:

[Melbourne, Australia]

– Today AdvaTel announced that its SME Unified Communications (UC) solution, AdvaTel InTouch for IP Office, will be sold by Avaya, a global provider of business collaboration systems, software and services, through the Avaya DevConnect Select Product Program.

The Avaya Select Product Program offers customers a streamlined way to order Avaya-compatible, third-party applications chosen for the powerful capabilities they bring to Avaya’s portfolio.

AdvaTel’s InTouch has been compliance-tested for compatibility with Avaya IP Office. InTouch enhances the productivity of SMEs by bringing together a variety of communications options, including voice, email, SMS, presence and calendar mining, in a single Microsoft Outlook plug-in. Without the need for any additional servers, InTouch provides internal and external presence across multiple communication venues offering users the ability to make informed decisions about how and when to initiate contact, while additional Unified Communication features such as Click-to-Dial and Pounce help users save time and money.

As part of Avaya’s orderable solution set, AdvaTel InTouch can be purchased through both Avaya and its distributors. Customers can add AdvaTel InTouch to their existing Avaya IP Office, or can source a complete Avaya-based communication solution that incorporates InTouch.

AdvaTel and other companies participating in the Select Product Program are Technology Partners in the Avaya DevConnect Program – an initiative to develop, market and sell innovative third-party products that interoperate with Avaya technology and extend the value of a company’s investment in its network.

Streamlined ordering through the Avaya Select Product Program is available in the U.S. initially, with selected geographical expansion of the program during 2012. Delivery, implementation, service and support are provided by Select Product Program companies.


“AdvaTel applauds the Avaya DevConnect Select Product Program initiative as it will enhance and broaden the competitiveness of Avaya solutions by making compatible, complementary third-party solutions available through Avaya, thereby providing a simplified ordering process for both Avaya customers and resellers.”

Michael Terry – Managing Director of AdvaTel, an Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner and Select Product Program Provider

“AdvaTel’s InTouch combined with Avaya IP Office was the perfect solution for The Agency Group to communicate between their global offices and clients around the world. It provided an Outlook plugin which consolidated all forms of communication (telephony, email, SMS text and IM) within one application, thus resulting in improved productivity, reduced costs and consolidated forms of communications, all within a single application on the user’s desktop.”

Howie Gold, Worldwide Technology Consultant, The Agency Group, an Avaya and AdvaTel Customer

“We are delighted to offer AdvaTel’s InTouch product in our DevConnect Select Product Program. Not only does it bring many feature advantages to Avaya IP Office customers, but the SPP program helps them obtain complete end-to-end solutions with ease.”

Eric Rossman, Vice-President, Developer Relations, Avaya

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About Avaya:

Avaya is a global provider of business collaboration and communications solutions, providing unified communications, contact centers, networking and related services to companies of all sizes around the world. For more information please visit www.avaya.com.

About AdvaTel:

Since its establishment in the 1990s, AdvaTel has become a leader in many specialist disciplines within telecommunications. It is led by a highly skilled management team with experience and resources resulting from many years in telecommunications and advanced computing.

AdvaTel is a privately owned Australian company with a comprehensive cross section of the international telecommunications industry as its business partners.

AdvaTel is based in Melbourne, Australia with a branch office in Rostov-on-Don in Russia.

Media Inquiries:
+613 8695 8695

Avaya DevConnect PR
908-953-6432 (one-number access)

BROADACRES UK Ehances Lync Response Group Agents Performance with Espera

Broadacres House, Mount View, Standard Way, Northallerton,
North Yorkshire. DL6 2YD. England

Company Background:

Broadacres Housing Association provides a comprehensive range of services to over 5,200 homes in North Yorkshire. Established in 1993 the Association has grown both in terms of the number of properties it manages and its awareness of the needs and aspirations of its customers.
Broadacres operates under charitable rules and has a governing body of twelve volunteers including four tenants of the association.

Our Headquarters is in Northallerton, North Yorkshire. We currently have stock in Hambleton, Darlington, Spennymoor, Richmondshire, Harrogate, Redcar and Cleveland, Ryedale, Selby and East Riding of Yorkshire and Scarborough.

Broadacres provides homes for rent, shared ownership and outright sale.
We provide a range of support services to different client groups including persons with mental health problems, learning disabilities, older persons, people with physical disabilities, those fleeing domestic violence, people suffering from alcohol and substance misuse and the homeless.

In addition, we have a home improvement agency to assist with property adaptations and repairs to enable people to continue to live in their homes. Broadacres also has a 24 hour customer contact centre used by a number of organisations to action repairs, monitor lone workers and summon emergency assistance.
Further information about these specialist services can be found under the ‘Care Services’ section of this website.

CHALLENGE – The business challenges facing the company.

Our Cisco Call Manger system required an upgrade as the software version was end of life with Cisco. The cost to upgrade was £70,000 as a full hardware replacement was required. Broadacres already knew their long term strategy for telephony was to merge telephony further into our ICT solutions and leave a traditional VOIP handset with PABX system behind.

The upgrade cost gave Broadacres the opportunity to replace the costly Cisco solution to Microsoft Lync 2010 and embrace unified communications. The Cisco system was successfully replaced and Broadacres used Microsoft Lync to provide the business with a handset free telephony service.

The Contact Centre had historical reporting and compared the statistics for comfort that we were still delivering the same high level of service within our Contact Centre for incoming calls. However they did not have real-time information, i.e. a Wallboard to help manage the call queue with the correct number of agents available to answer 85% of calls within 20 seconds.

Broadacres Contact Centre aims to resolve a high number of calls at the first point of contact and these skilled agents have customer emails and orders to process whilst not handling calls through the day.

Broadacres were looking for a Lync Wallboard which would be simple to use and easy to install.

SOLUTION – How Broadacres and AdvaTel partnered to provide a solution.

I read about the AdvaTel solution on your website following a Google search. It seemed to be what we were looking for and following a demonstration online we ordered a trial of the system. The software came with full documentation and took two days to install (including server build time etc.). Once the software was configured the Wallboard was setup tested and live for our Contact within two more days.

RESULTS - The key capabilities of Espera and business benefits to the company.

Espera provided the real time call waiting information we were after which meant that our staff knew how to manage our different client groups better. We now knew how long callers were waiting and therefore when to complete a current call and move on to the next caller. Additionally it meant that we were far better at managing staffing with the correct number of agents logged in as required. Espera enables our staff to self-manage their time and redirect their skills as necessary.

Those in our organisation who don’t actively take client calls are also able to see the real time call waiting information which means that we can help manage the agents to achieve that 85% in 20 seconds!

Espera was easy to install and configure and we were functioning very quickly.

The implementation of Espera was quick and easy, the support documentation and support staff were very helpful. In summary this was a simple solution which has added real value to our Lync Contact Centre solution.

“Espera has been simple to install and added real value to our Lync Contact Centre service…if you’re using Lync Response groups, Espera works really well as a real-time Wallboard solution.” – Chris Fawcett, Information Systems and Technology Manager, Broadacres Housing Association

For more information contact AdvaTel www.advatel.com.au or email sales@advatel.com.au

Espera provides real-time calls-waiting information for Microsoft Lync Response Groups.

AdvaTel, a privately owned software development company specialising in
software for the telecommunication industry announce the release of Espera.
AdvaTel have had more than 20 years in the call centre real-time and
reporting market place and consequently know call centre needs well.

By using Espera, Response Group staff are empowered to handle each call
more proficiently thereby making correct call handing decisions every time.
This means that supervision can be reduced.

Espera is also valuable to other staff not in the Response Group who may
require information on the standard of the service callers to the organisation
are receiving.

It should be noted that Espera is a fully integrated part of Lync and uses the
existing Lync server and transmission infrastructure, not just an add-on!

Michael Terry, Managing Director of AdvaTel said: “Espera, which is Spanish
for ‘waiting’ will allow users to take advantage of the excellent calls-routing
capability of Microsoft’s Lync. This allows resellers to offer an inexpensive,
fully professional calls-waiting display on users’ PCs directly from Lync.”

Espera Reporter will follow shortly producing a range of historical reports for
Microsoft Lync Response Groups.

Please visit our web site for further information -

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