QMC Clarity + Agent

QMC Clarity+Agent extends Call Centre management even further with excellent reporting for individual agents.


Photo Identified Agents

Agents are photo identified which makes for an easy way of knowing who is in which group. This is a must, particularly when managing groups with either new agents, or agents on loan from another group.

Detailed Agent Information

Information for each agent is maintained by QMC Clarity+Agent. Details such as employment history and call summary are available. Individual performances are compared to the rest of the group. And you choose what to compare whether this be a maximum or average comparison for today or any other period by simply pointing and clicking.

Identify Training Needs

QMC Clarity+Agent is a great tool to find out where the most effective staff training can be directed.

Group Tracking

Keeping track of a group cannot be simpler. A single screen will show you which agents are in the group. All colour coded for easy recognition of agent status. And a summary bar also gives you a status 'heads up' for the whole group.

Detailed Reports

For detailed reporting, the QMC Clarity+Agent report wizard is a snap. Point and click reporting at its best.

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