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Espera provides real-time calls-waiting information for Microsoft Lync Response Groups.

AdvaTel, a privately owned software development company specialising in
software for the telecommunication industry announce the release of Espera.
AdvaTel have had more than 20 years in the call centre real-time and
reporting market place and consequently know call centre needs well.

By using Espera, Response Group staff are empowered to handle each call
more proficiently thereby making correct call handing decisions every time.
This means that supervision can be reduced.

Espera is also valuable to other staff not in the Response Group who may
require information on the standard of the service callers to the organisation
are receiving.

It should be noted that Espera is a fully integrated part of Lync and uses the
existing Lync server and transmission infrastructure, not just an add-on!

Michael Terry, Managing Director of AdvaTel said: “Espera, which is Spanish
for ‘waiting’ will allow users to take advantage of the excellent calls-routing
capability of Microsoft’s Lync. This allows resellers to offer an inexpensive,
fully professional calls-waiting display on users’ PCs directly from Lync.”

Espera Reporter will follow shortly producing a range of historical reports for
Microsoft Lync Response Groups.

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