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AdvaTel launches advanced multi-site networking functionality


Latest PhoneEasy IP Console release offers more to Nortel users

AdvaTel’s feature rich PhoneEasy IP Console software solution for attendants and other answering positions is now available for direct connection with Nortel’s Business Communications Manager’s (BCM) computer telephony integration (CTI) signalling interface - LAN-CTE.

“The PhoneEasy IP Console LAN-CTE enhancement, developed by AdvaTel, bypasses TAPI to directly interface to the BCM. By removing the interposing layers of the TAPI interface, PhoneEasy IP Console is now easier to deploy, provides improved operational transparency and is less hardware intensive for network applications,” said Michael Terry, AdvaTel’s Managing Director. 

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AdvaTel releases Greeting Scripts for PhoneEasy IP Console


AdvaTel has announced the release of Greeting Scripts, the latest enhancement to its popular PhoneEasy IP Console.

Greeting Scripts prompts telephone attendants with a customised greeting for each call they answer, regardless of how many departments or organisations they represent. Two years ago, AdvaTel launched PhoneEasy, its powerful desktop application that integrates business phone, email and PC-based SMS in one solution.

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AdvaTel releases PhoneEasy Intelligent QuickDial (IQ)


FREE with the latest version of PhoneEasy

What if you could just ‘click’ a phone number on a Web page and have it dial automatically for you? What about a number in an email or an Office document? How convenient would it be if all the calls you made were automatically recorded in your contacts database for easy retrieval?

AdvaTel has released PhoneEasy Intelligent QuickDial (IQ) for its PhoneEasy Desktop and PhoneEasy IP Console offerings. PhoneEasy IQ enables PhoneEasy users to dial a phone number from a Web page, email or Office document with just a ‘click’ of the mouse.

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Take that booking while playing golf or doing the banking


Revolutionary technology frees up accommodation managers while increasing business

Most small accommodation businesses are run by couples. The demands are many on caravan park, B&B and motel owners and managers but there is an ongoing need to have that front desk always open to existing or potential guests.

An Australian developed product, by AdvaTel, has just been launched to assist these businesses. The Bell Captain system provides a virtual attendant at the front door 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And at less than $350.00 a unit, there can be no more cost effective way of manning that front desk. As a matter of fact, you can answer your front door from any phone, anywhere in the world with Bell Captain!

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